Rubén Guerrero Grupo Bambu 99 Sushi Bar

Rubén Guerrero

Executive Chef UAE

Ruben was born to be a Chef and perhaps did he get his calling from his grandma’s cooking and the heart-warming “arroz al horno” rice dishes from his childhood. Over 13 years of hard work have passed since then, with such enlightening experiences as working for Jean-Louis Reichel in Valencia and Jaime Oliver in London. Whether reaching for the Michelin stars at Quique Dacosta, going back to basics at El Submarino or expanding horizons at Aqua Shard, this Chef anchored his skills in a no-nonsense, ingredient-driven cuisine.

Ruben joined 99 Sushi Bar in 2017 as Head Chef in Abu Dabhi, since September 2020 is executive Chef of the group in UAE.