Mónica Fernandez

Mónica Fernández

General Manager

Sommelier and Maître d’hôtel qualified by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, the career of the Galician Mónica Fernández has been linked to Bambú Business Group since the opening of its first restaurant, 19 SUSHI BAR, in February 2005.

Currently, she is the Head Sommelier and the Restaurants General Manager of Bambu Group. Some of the duties inherent to her job post are to provide training and supervise the staff of every restaurant, as well as to design the wine lists.

Mónica Fernández is a distinguished sommelier and regularly participates in events related to the wine industry, besides being part of the Tasting Committee of the renowned Guía de Vinos Gourmets (Gourmet Wines Guide).

Throughout her working life, she has been awarded several prizes, prominent among which are the “Madrid Tourism Excellence Award” for best Maître d’hôtel, given in 2009 by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, and the Spanish National Gastronomy Prize for “Best Maître d’hôtel” in 2016. Awarded with the “Prix au Sommelier” (Best World Sommelier) by the International Academy of Gastronomy in 2017.