Fernando De León 99 Sushi Bar

Fernando de León

Fouder & Owner

Graduated in Business Management and Economics from Marymont Manhattan College at New York City in 1993 and Master of Business Management Administration at University of Navarra (I.E.S.E.) in 2008.

During the five years that Fernando lives in New York, one of his friends of Japanese nationality, introduces him into the Japanese gastronomy, which soon becomes his favorite cuisine.

Once he returns to Spain, upon completing his studies, he commenced his professional career within the hospitality family business in Madrid, where he currently leads the company as Managing Director.

In 1998, together with his brother Pedro, began their solo journey as restaurateurs establishing “Saltarello”, an Italian restaurant in downtown of Madrid.

However, his incursion in the Japanese haute-cuisine does not commence until 2005, with the foundation of Grupo Empresarial Bambu and with their first Japanese Restaurant called 19 SUSHI BAR, located in the center of the capital.