GRUPO EMPRESARIAL BAMBÚ International mainstay of haute Japanese cuisine
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REPSOL GUIDE Awarded restaurant


In 2005, Grupo Empresarial Bambú launched its foray into the Restaurant business by the brothers Pedro and Fernando de León. Since then, the number of establishments has been growing in Spain and overseas, becoming a well-known reference in the industry, due to both, quality on their culinary proposal and continuous innovation.

And this has been proven by the numerous awards and reviews that they have received over the years:

  • One EME awarded to 99 KŌ Sushi Bar, by the renowned Metrópoli Guide in 2019.
  • Two EME awarded to 99 KŌ Sushi Bar, by the renowned Metrópoli Guide in 2020.
  • A Michelin Star in its edition of the 2020 guide to 99 KŌ Sushi bar
  • The award for “Best International Cuisine Restaurant”, given by Metropoli, a supplement of the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”.
  • One Repsol Sun awarded to the restaurants located in Ponzano and Hermosilla streets in Madrid, by the renowned REPSOL Guide.
  • Two Repsol Suns awarded to the establishments located in Padre Damián and Marqués de Villamagna streets in Madrid by the previously mentioned REPSOL Guide.
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.
  • The Spanish National Gastronomy Prize for “Best Maitre d’hotel”, awarded to Mónica Fernández, Group Director, by the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.
  • International Gastronomy Award Prix au Sommelier awarded to Mónica Fernández.
  • “Best Maître d’Hotel” awarded to Mónica Fernández by the Madrid Academy of Gastronomy.
  • The award for “Best Newcomer Restaurant 2017” given by TimeOut Abu Dhabi magazine.
  • The award for “Favourite Japanese Restaurant” in 2018 and 2019 given by Fact Magazine Abu Dhabi magazine.
  • The award “Best Chef of the Year 2018 Abu Dhabi” given by What’s On magazine.
  • The award “Highly Commended Best Japanese 2018 Abu Dhabi” given by Time Out magazine.

In 2016, the first restaurant outside Madrid was opened, specifically in front of the famous Turó Park, in the very heart of the Sarrià neighbourhood of Barcelona and in October 2017 begins its international expansion with the opening in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates.

In April 2018, the Group opens the doors of their first boutique restaurant in Madrid, 99 KŌ SUSHI BAR. Recognized by the most prestigious culinary guide with its first Michelin star in its 2020 edition.

By 2019 and 2020, among the objectives of the company is not only to increase the number of restaurants in Spain, but to continue the global expansion increasing the number of establishments overseas. As a result of this strategy, two new restaurants will be added the portfolio of Grupo Empresarial Bambú. The first one, at the exclusive Anantara Villa Padierna Palace in Marbella, and the second one, in Dubai, located in one of the most emblematic and representative districts of the city. The last two upcoming openings will be located in one of the most privileged and luxurious European ski stations and in one of the most important Spanish metropolis.

99 SUSHI BAR is a place not to miss for those who love Japanese cuisine. It is worth pointing out its philosophy based on the respect for the product and the Japanese cooking techniques, adding a touch of refinement and exclusiveness to its dishes, as well as the excellent, close service provided by an outstanding team of professionals.

In 99 SUSHI BAR, you will be able to discover new sensations, such as the famous, Crispy Tiger Prawn Tempura with spicy and creamy sauce, the Wild Boar Gyozas with caramelized onions, arzua cheese and chestnut infusion, or the Grilled Toro and Smoked Iberian air dried beef temaki taco with a chili tomato emulsion and aromatized herbs. Neither can we forget the eel Nigiri, grilled foie gras and Toro Sashimi. Spicy Tuna Tartar and pickles salad with wakame seaweed and shoestring chips in kimuchi sauce, or Alaskan Black Cod au gratin with two layers of red miso are also two of the most renowned recipes.